Mary Jo Kilroy, Socialist Revolutionary
Ohio candidate published socialist newspaper calling for revolution.


As publisher, Kilroy was not shy about her politics, opining against school-choice programs and other commonsense reforms that did not conform to her far-left agenda. And the left-wingery grew to comic proportions when the paper devoted an entire issue to coverage of the annual awards given by the Democratic Socialists of Central Ohio. The list of awardees from 1994 can still be viewed at their website. It can also be viewed in a large, congratulatory advertisement in the February 1994 issue sponsored by Kilroy’s law firm, Handelman and Kilroy, congratulating all the winners of the socialists’ awards.

Kilroy left the paper when the nonprofit Columbus Institute for Contemporary Journalism took over publishing duties, but she continues her far-left associations, with Democratic Socialist operatives campaigning for her.

In this case, as in the cases of Van Jones and many others, the socialism charge is not paranoia: It’s all there in black and white.

– Mytheos Holt covers Ohio for National Review Onlines Battle 10.