The Politics of the NPR Boards
The data behind “Public Radio's Political Sympathies.”


Paul Ginsburg: He doesn’t give much, but all of his donations have gone to Democrats. He has consistently supported Jeff Bingaman, a Democrat from New Mexico, for Senate, providing at least $6,100 since the 1980s. 

Anne Avis: In 2008, she gave over $47,000 to Democrats and liberal PACs such as ActBlue. Since 2000, she has donated at least $187,700 in federal elections, exclusively to Democrats and liberal PACs. She also donates to local candidates.

Thomas Foster: Not available.

Michael Vann: Not available.

Lee Rolfe: She has donated only $1,250, to Friends for Mike McGavick (Seattle Republican).

Lowell Lebermann (he passed away in July of 2009): He gave over $115,000, almost exclusively to Democrats, and a small donation to Romney, in 2008. From 2000 until his death he gave at least $265,900 in donations; only $11,200 went to Republicans.

William Poorvu: The vice chair of the National Public Radio Foundation, Poorvu has sent donations exclusively to Democrats and liberal PACs. This year, he’s supported only Blumenthal, but in 2008, he donated $28,500 to the Obama Victory Fund, Friends of Mark Warner, and KidsPac. He’s also helped Democrats substantially in congressional races.

Jeffrey L. Kenner: The president and founder of Kenner & Co., he donated $9,100 in 2007 — every single dollar to Democrats. Since 2000, he has donated $30,000, all going to Democrats, ActBlue, and WildPac.

Fredericka Stevenson: In 2008, she donated $4,300 — every dollar to Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Since 2000, she’s donated $16,400, $1,000 of which went to Olympia Snowe, and every other dollar to Democrats.

Barbara Linhart: Not available.

James Bildner: A partner at New Horizons Partners LLC, Bildner is involved in several different environmental-activism groups, including the National Council of Environmental Defense. In 2006, he gave $250 to Howard Katz for Congress (Katz is a Democrat from California).

Dr. Lynn C. Todmanis an academic. Her biography suggests her political sympathies: “Lynn C. Todman, Ph.D., is the director of the Adler Institute on Social Exclusion (ISE). . . . Todman’s research and teaching interests center on problems of social marginalization, isolation and exclusion experienced by urban communities.” In 2008 she donated $7,150, exclusively to Democrats Dan Seals and Barack Obama. 

Sandra Pressman: Not available.

Daniel Greenberg: The Electro Rent Corporation CEO has already donated at least $4,800 to Democratic Congressman Howard Berman this year, and several thousand more to other local Democrats. In 2008, he made 25 separate donations, totaling several tens of thousands — all to Democrats.

Henry E. Catto: A former ambassador, and now a board member at the Aspen Institute, Catto was involved in Republican politics shortly after graduating college and donated $1,000 to McCain this year in his race against J. D. Hayworth.

Noaman Sanni: Not available. 

John Lilly: The former Mozilla CEO, now at the venture-capital firm Greylock Partners, sits on the board of the Participatory Culture Foundation – whose goal is to create “non-corporate creativity.” His sole available campaign donation was $2,300 to the Obama Victory Fund in 2008.


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