Wrong, Baby, Wrong
How to undo the Obamacare disaster and do health-care reform right.


ObamaCare Is Wrong for America: That’s the title of a new book out today, from familiar National Review Online authors Grace-Marie Turner of the Galen Institute, James Capretta of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Tom Miller of the American Enterprise Institute, and Robert Moffit of the Heritage Foundation. Here they take questions about the book, the legislation, and the detrimental impact Obamacare will have on the economy, on our health sector, and on our freedom, from National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez.

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: What is the worst thing about Obamacare?

GRACE-MARIE TURNER: It’s almost impossible to say there is one worst thing — the list is just too long, from half a trillion in cuts to Medicare, half a trillion in new taxes, and mandates on individuals, employers, and the medical profession to follow Washington’s rules. Obamacare puts one-sixth of our economy under government control, and yet there’s absolutely no evidence that the government will be able to manage this $2.5 trillion industry. We describe in detail in the book the devastating effects this law will have on everyone who relies on health care — families, young people, senior citizens, employers, employees, taxpayers, and vulnerable Americans! But the damage isn’t limited just to our health care. Obamacare will cause a staggering increase in the national deficit, will limit the creation of new jobs by discouraging companies from hiring, and will cripple innovation and research.

LOPEZ: Are we still actually asking why Obamacare is wrong for America?

TURNER: A lot of people know something about the health-overhaul law, but it’s been hard, until now, to find one book where people could get a comprehensive look at the legislation and the impact it will have on all of us. That is what we have tried to do — help people understand that this law is very much in place and the destruction it will bring to our economy, our health care, and our freedom.

The health-care-reform law grants the federal government dramatic and unprecedented power: the ability to reach into our lives, into our pocketbooks, and our doctors’ offices, and it will change the way medical decisions are made — putting government, not doctors, ultimately in charge. President Obama and his allies have been busy talking about some of the early provisions in the law — high-risk pools, keeping 26-year-olds on their parents’ policies, free preventive care, tax credits for small business, etc. — and people are starting to calm down and many think that maybe this law isn’t as bad as they thought it was. But it is! We explain what’s really coming to make sure people understand the huge impact that this law is going to have.

LOPEZ: On the first anniversary of Obamacare, what are you most surprised to have to report?

JAMES CAPRETTA: One of the main “early benefits” that the Obama administration keeps touting is the high-risk-pool program in the new law. They have sold this as an interim measure to cover people with preexisting conditions. But the program was so poorly conceived that it has been a total failure. As of last month, there were only 12,000 enrollees. It is a very inconsequential program that they are trying to say justifies the entire trillion-dollar monstrosity. It’s absurd. Worse, it gives high-risk pools a bad name. Properly constructed and funded pools really are needed to cover those with expensive preexisting conditions, but not the way Obamacare goes about it.