Restore Our Border
A year after Arizona rancher Rob Krentz’s murder, it’s time to implement a blueprint for border control.


Mark Krikorian

Inadequate resources is a major part of the reason such a small proportion of illegal aliens are prosecuted. And after all, the budget is the policy.

18. Track the achievement of Border Security by means of monthly disclosure of all crimes, by title and code, committed and suspected to have been attributable to illegal aliens or smuggling activity. Include in such disclosure statistics County law incidents.

Disclosure? Transparency? That would be nice.

Is this all that’s necessary to restore control over our borders? No — we also need to enforce the ban on hiring illegal aliens, to reduce the magnetic attraction of coming here; we need to discontinue the Mexican Border Crossing Card, which serves as a tool for widespread fraudulent entry; and we need an unequivocal federal commitment to cooperation with local law enforcement.

But the R.O.B. Plan is a fine road map for tightening the border. We owe it to Rob.

— Mark Krikorian is executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, an NRO contributor, and author of The New Case Against Immigration, Both Legal and Illegal and How Obama Is Transforming America Through Immigration.