Running for LIFE
Moving forward


Kathryn Jean Lopez

You may not run actual marathons, but Pat Castle may get you running in one way or another — more fully engaging in life, in your beliefs, in helping others be able to flourish. (Anyone can sign up for LIFE Runners devotions at Any of us, runners or not, can work harder to apply what we say we believe to our daily lives in practical ways. People who say they support life can challenge themselves to make that a daily and real activism — looking for real ways to support women and children and families, and praying as we go for our brothers and sisters in the race, on and off the track. It’s about being moving toward a culture that doesn’t have debates divorced from action, that doesn’t allow people in their pain to slip by unnoticed and unaided.

And, of course, any marathon runners who wouldn’t mind wearing a plea for the unborn on their jersey are welcome to join the running team. If you think the abortion debate is going nowhere fast, watch Castle. He may give you another impression — and he may just get you moving yet.

The first lady wouldn’t find that all bad.

As I write, the LIFE quote of the day is: “Once we have humbled ourselves for the faults God allows us to become aware of in ourselves, we must forget them and go forward.” Not a bad one for getting Washington moving forward, too.

— Kathryn Jean Lopez is the editor-at-large of National Review Online.


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