Defend Western Civilization
The British riots show what happens when the elites give up on their civilization.


Jim Lacey

In fact, violence remains the only effective response to any group willing to collapse the social order. Violent acts must everywhere and always be met with an overwhelmingly violent response. Afterward, there will be plenty of time to talk and to let sociologists search for deeper meanings. In the meantime, there are innocent lives to save and many millions of dollars of private property to protect. Paul Collier, in his magnificent book The Bottom Billion, points out that what halted Sierra Leone’s descent into barbarity was that the British government sent in paratroopers willing to face down the forces of barbarism and to both take and inflict casualties. Where was that same British backbone when it came to facing down the barbarians in their midst?

As I see it, the reason the British elites and the country’s ruling class failed to act was that too many of them are convinced that their civilization is no longer worth defending. They have made a serious mistake in accepting that an equality between cultures holds true for civilizations too. Personally, if given a choice between classic Irish pub tunes and the music of an Arab bazaar, I will pick the pub tunes. This is a matter of taste and upbringing, and I fully accept that those brought up to appreciate the music of the bazaar have every right to enjoy it. I do not, however, accept that anyone living in the United States has a right to choose between the American Constitution and sharia law. This is a matter of civilization, and it should never be the subject of serious debate within our borders.

The West has endured thousands of years of war, misrule, genocide, and a multitude of other trials. Out of these tribulations evolved a political system that places respect for the rights and freedoms of the individual at its center. It is not a perfect system, but it is far superior to what can be found anywhere else. It deserves to be defended, and must be defended. Any person choosing to come to America (or Britain, for that matter) from a non-Western country must give up the tenets of whatever civilization he was raised with. In its place must be substituted a strong belief in unfettered democracy (of the people, by the people, and for the people), human dignity, equal rights, and the freedom of the individual.

When I was in London a few weeks back I was absolutely stunned to see how many women walked the streets in full burqa — the garment that covers the whole body, including the face. That this is permitted for any person residing in Britain (or the United States) is unconscionable. I am fine with the burqa as a cultural artifact. Women should be permitted to wear it — if they choose — whenever they are celebrating an Islamic cultural event. It should, however, be forbidden for women to wear it on the street as their typical day wear. The burqa is not only a sign of female oppression, it is an instrument of it. It is a direct affront to any concept of freedom, equal rights, or personal dignity. In the West, allowing women to wear burqas in daily life is not being culturally sensitive. It is a betrayal of all that is good in Western civilization.

Of course, burqas are just one of many manifestations of the ongoing assault on Western values. In many areas, value systems alien to the precepts of Western civilization make daily inroads. That they can make such advances is primarily due to the fact that our intellectuals no longer feel the idea of the West is worth saving or even teaching about. Two decades ago, at Stanford University, Jesse Jackson led 500 clueless students in demanding an end to the required class on Western civilization. Unbelievably, they were wildly successful not only at Stanford but almost everywhere else. The National Association of Scholars, after examining the curricula at 50 leading universities, reported that in 1964, all of them required a Western-civilization survey course. By 2010, however, none of them required a basic Western Civ course, not even for history majors.

One wonders how the next generation of intellectuals will be able to defend the concepts that nourish our society when the very existence of a superior Western civilization is being denied within our foremost academic institutions.

— Jim Lacey is the author of The First Clash and Keep from All Thoughtful Men.