The GOP Onstage, Again


Huntsman keeps saying things like, “I want all of you to understand . . .” When he does so, he comes off as condescending and snide, in my opinion.

Perry has used the phrase “risk their capital” a lot in two debates — must vary the language.

Herman Cain would make a damn fine motivational speaker. Is one, in fact.

Romney, for the most part, is very crisp, very practiced. But you know what he could use? He could borrow a page from Reagan and tell stories, use anecdotes — examples.

It was an error to be so grudging about Perry’s record in Texas — “four aces” and all that. He need not be so grudging. If I were Romney, I’d say something like, “Rick is doing such a good job in Texas, I think we should keep him in that position.”

Also, Romney might say, “I’m running a pro-Romney campaign, not an anti-Perry campaign.” Besides which, he has not shown himself to be very good at the negative — at the jabs. He was awful against Giuliani last time around, on the subject of illegal immigration. Awful. Giuliani swatted him away like a fly.

Perry was very good on how people have voted with their feet — have moved to Texas, for more opportunity. Very good. That rebuts criticisms of the Texas record: “If we’re so bad, how come people keep coming to us, to build their businesses, to pursue their dreams? How come they’re not going to, say, Massachusetts?”

I wish Santorum wouldn’t keep saying what “the American people want.” You know how they express what they want? By their votes. For example, they wanted an Obama presidency and a Pelosi Congress. They changed their mind about the Congress in 2010. We’ll see what they say about Obama next year.

I enjoyed Ron Paul’s answer on executive orders — very good.

His view of the War on Terror is essentially the same as Michael Moore’s or Noam Chomsky’s. Shouldn’t they be allowed to participate in Republican presidential debates, too? They articulate that view much better.

Perry said — I’m going from memory — “You think I can be bought for $5,000? I’m offended.” That left open the question of what he can, in fact, be bought for. He should have followed that up with, “I of course cannot be bought for any amount. I make the decisions on the merits. And if I make a mistake, I say so, as I have.”

I must say, I find Romney’s rap on RomneyCare versus ObamaCare quite good.

Tell you why I could never run for president: When they asked me, “What will you do to attract Latino voters?” I would say, “Nothing, really. I will appeal to all Americans as Americans. That is attractive to those who want to be Americans, instead of ethnic groups or special interests.”

Has Ron Paul ever been to Iraq? Has he ever met Iraqis grateful for American help, grateful to us for overthrowing a beast and giving them a chance at life — real life? I have. Ron Paul’s notion that we have been in Iraq for eight years killing Iraqis, practically for sport, is a disgusting lie. We are not in opposition to the Iraqi people; quite the opposite.

With Paul around, you don’t really miss Lyndon LaRouche.

When Romney said he’d restore the Churchill bust to the Oval Office, I thought, “Good one.” Then I think I heard Perry say, “Good one” — which made me think very well of Perry.

Bachmann said, “I’d bring the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and that’s it.” Was she implying that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are separate?

Cain said he’d bring a sense of humor, because “America is too uptight.” Huntsman was up next. He should have smiled and said, “I resemble that remark.”

See you!



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