Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
The publisher makes his case.


Jack Fowler

I’ve said it during previous webathons, and it’s worth repeating: No one is getting rich here, and some are getting darned poor. The Sugar Daddy we never had packed his suitcases decades ago. Flew off on the goose, and he took all the golden eggs, pixie dust, and even the last can of Who Hash with him. The Sugar Momma followed in the Rolls with the kids, the jewelry, and the alchemy formula. And so here we are, without much means, left to our own devices — and yet despite that, still loudly and lustily standing athwart history, yelling Stop.

So, to some of the 1.6 million of you who are getting endless thrills courtesy of NRO — would you please send an Abe Lincoln or two our way? I’m not asking for 100 or 50 or even 25. Can you spare a sawbuck? Isn’t that worth everything you get here, every day?

A guy once said “It is in giving that we receive.” We give the world’s best conservative commentary, and you receive it. Now how about you giving some small financial assistance — dearly needed, wisely spent — to help us keep on keepin’ on? You’ll feel good about stepping up and doing the right thing.

Donate here. Or write [email protected] to explain to me why you always have to go to the loo when it is your turn to get the beer.


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