Washington Dems: Clueless on Jobs
The party of government has been mostly concerned with protecting its own.


Deroy Murdock

Washington Democrats are not just out to lunch on jobs. They have devoured the entire buffet table.

“It’s very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine,” Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) declared on October 19, while debating Pres. Barack Obama’s American Jobs Act. “It’s the public-sector jobs where we’ve lost huge numbers, and that’s what this legislation is all about.”

Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, Nev., may be a workers’ paradise. But, nationally speaking, Reid knows not what he speaks. 

As the Heritage Foundation recently calculated, Reid has capsized his facts.

Private workers have been hammered for nearly four years, throughout this lame economy. Local-government employees have suffered modest job losses. Meanwhile, it’s happy hour at Uncle Sam’s Place. Government hiring has created a carnival atmosphere within the federal bureaucracy.

Consider these mind-blowing numbers:

Between December 2007 (the start of the Great Recession) and September 2011, the private sector has lost 6,257,000 jobs — an employment reduction of 5.4 percent. Government across the board shed 392,000 positions — off 1.8 percent. State-government and local-education employment fell 148,200, down 1.4 percent.