Christmas Books
Some gift suggestions for the person with everything.


Thomas Sowell

Although Demonic was published before the Occupy Wall Street movement got under way, its subtitle was prophetic: “How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America.” Its theme is how mob thinking and mob actions have long been common on the left, whether in academia, the media, or the streets. One chapter is titled, “You Can Lead a Mob to Water, But You Can’t Make It Think.”

Another writer whose series of books likewise blends wit and wisdom is Theodore Dalrymple, a British doctor who has lived in various countries around the world. His latest book this year is titled Anything Goes, and its theme is the degeneration of Western culture, to the accompaniment of unthinking rhetoric.

My all-time favorite among Theodore Dalrymple’s books is Life at the Bottom. It is based on his chilling experiences working in a low-income, predominantly white neighborhood in Britain. It is a classic examination of the moral squalor produced by the welfare state and its ideological rhetoric, regardless of race.

My own new books this year include The Thomas Sowell Reader, which has more than 400 pages of selections of my writings over the past decades, ranging from the humorous to the painfully serious. The fourth edition of my Basic Economics and the second edition of my Economic Facts and Fallacies were also published this year. Merry Christmas.

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