Cain on Cain
The former frontrunner reflects on his abortive run.


Robert Costa

Veep picks: Cain urges the GOP nominee to tap Paul Ryan, Condoleezza Rice, or Mitch Daniels for the number-two slot. “I have a lot of respect for Paul Ryan,” he says. Rice, a foreign-policy heavyweight, “should also be considered. She has a great track record, great experience, and the only people that don’t like her are the Democrats.” Daniels, for his part, “may not have a lot of the sizzle that some people are looking for,” but the Indiana governor has sound “business principles.”

What he misses: “I miss the debates because I like to rumble,” he says. “I liked having to think on my feet quickly. But I don’t miss the flyspecking of some people in the media, be it a word, a pause, or a phrase. The American people didn’t care about that; only the media class did.”

What’s next: Cain will launch a new political-action committee in January, which will focus on promoting his “9-9-9” economic plan. He is also mulling a variety of television contracts. But he has not been offered a television show. “I’ve been offered to be a commentator; I’ve been offered to be a contributor. I’m going to do some of that. And I’ve been asked to get back into radio.” Eventually, he expects to host a radio program once or twice a week.

“TV, radio, the speaking circuit, I’ll be there,” Cain says. He’ll also hit the campaign trail once he decides whom to endorse. But for the moment, Cain is focused on one thing: vacation. He and Mrs. Cain soon will travel “someplace warm,” spending a few days at a resort around the holidays. It’s not Des Moines, but that’s alright, he says. “I’m looking forward to it, and eating in the dining room with everybody else.”

— Robert Costa is a political reporter for National Review.


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