2012 Predictions
It’s crystal-ball time.

Another Kardashian wedding in 2012?


Each year, we gather the brave to put their byline on predictions for the new year. Here are the 2012 prognosticators.

Barack Obama will lose the U.S. presidential election in November. The GOP will win a record share of the non-Hispanic white vote.

Vladimir Putin will win the Russian presidential election in March. Among opposition parties, the Communists will poll exceptionally well.

The following things will get worse: public protests in advanced countries, inflation, weather, unemployment, Somali piracy, and the state finances of California, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York.

The following things will get better: e-book formats, firearm sales, political corruption, access to TV programs without TV sets, job opportunities for auditors, Islamic terrorism, North Dakota.

The following things will become less popular in the advanced world: free trade, mass immigration, welfare, foreign aid, abortion, college education, ethnic diversity, politicians, helping the U.S. fight open-ended wars of choice.

The following things will become more popular in the advanced world: in-sourcing, border controls, jails, family life, vocational training, ethnic disaggregation, entrepreneurs, minding your own national business.

One or more of the following canoes will arrive at the lip of Niagara: the euro, the North Korean government, the finances of a major U.S. state or municipality, the student-loan system, Eric Holder, book publishing, China’s banking system.

— John Derbyshire is the author of Unknown Quantity: A Real And Imaginary History of Algebra.

A non-white male or a non-male white will be the Republican vice-presidential nominee.

The U.S. Senate will be split 50–50 between the parties.

The Occupy Wall Street movement will become an even more obvious joke and a major liability for Democrats, particularly when it grows violent at the political conventions. The MSM will pretend it was agnostic on the movement all along.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will publicly lose a major power struggle.

Iraq will degenerate to the point where the “Who lost Iraq?” debate will be a major liability for the White House.

After the elections, George Stephanopoulos will let it be known he’ll stop hosting ABC’s This Week, making way for Jake Tapper.

Donald Trump will not run for president.

Joe Biden will eat an entire brick of cheese on C-SPAN. “This is a big f****** deal,” he’ll explain while chewing with his mouth open.

National Review’s Jonah Goldberg is the author of Liberal Fascism.


Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee, and Marco Rubio the nominee for vice president. The Romney-Rubio ticket will win handily, an outcome made very easy to predict on election night when Pennsylvania goes Republican by a wide margin.

The House GOP majority will expand by a few seats, but the Senate GOP will pick up Virginia, Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Montana, and one additional “surprise” seat while losing none. Scott Brown will win handily in Massachusetts.

Act of Valor will be the surprise blockbuster movie of the year, and when it opens on President’s Day weekend, the SEALs and other special forces will find themselves with a decade’s worth of recruits.

There will be a struggle between John Boehner and Eric Cantor for the speakership in late November.

Megyn Kelly will move into prime time, and The Five will re-air sometime in the evening when people can watch. Bob Beckel will be the man GOP-convention goers in Tampa Bay most love to hate.

Vince Flynn’s Mitch Rapp returns in early 2012 with the best-selling thriller of the year.

In an astonishing year of sports surprises, the Cleveland Indians’ rotation of Jimenez, Masterson, Tomlin, Carmona, and Lowe will lead the Tribe to the World Series the city has lacked since 1948. The Colt McCoy–led Browns will use draft picks Trent Richardson and Michael Floyd to make it to the team’s first-ever Super Bowl, and Urban Meyer will open the greatest era in Ohio State football with a perfect season, back-to-back 21-point wins over Michigan, and a national championship.

Oh, and the California housing market will boom.

— Hugh Hewitt is the host of the nationally syndicated Hugh Hewitt Show.