No fainting, please, &c.

Obama supporters swoon in 2008.


Been reading a lot lately about how Mitt Romney is unexciting. Exciting is in the eye, mind, and heart of the beholder, I guess. But I’m not sure we want or need a candidate who’s all that exciting. Bieber Fever is for pop music, you know?

There was a lot of excitement surrounding Barack Obama in 2008 — the Messiah, the One. People regularly fainted at his rallies. Remember?

I think the public might be ready for a solid, honorable, sensible man who can tackle some of the country’s formidable problems. The president doesn’t have to be a cult figure. In fact, it’s preferable that he not be. Let the president do a good job, and the rest of us get on with life.

You know who’s exciting? Newt Gingrich. As I said in an earlier column, he’s pretty much the only candidate who can thrill you. What he said in one of the last debates about Catholic adoption agencies? The discrimination against them, and how no one in the mainstream media cares? Thrilling.

What he said several weeks ago about the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the place of the judiciary in American life, and some other issues? Thrilling. When he is on, he is nonpareil. I remember a speech he gave in the mid-1990s. This was in Washington. I attended. Thrilling.

But then there are some other aspects of Newt, and they are, as we have seen, dismaying.

Lots of conservatives have been pushing the claim that Romney is not a conservative. They are loud and relentless in this. I’m not sure the public — the conservative public — is buying. I’m not sure they should, either, though Romney’s record is definitely mixed.

If the guy’s not a conservative, then, in the last several months, he’s been the biggest liar that ever was. Pathological. He has also been a hell of an actor. (Is there a difference between lying and acting? I’m sure there is . . .)

Romney’s critics and enemies on the right say two things about him: a) he’s a squishy, big-government RINO; b) he’s a heartless, ruthless, dog-eat-dog capitalist.

Maybe these guys can sit down and coordinate a plausible Romney attack?

I see that Bill Daley has left the position of White House chief of staff, and that Jack Lew is in. Time for Reverend Wright to reprise his line from 2009: “Them Jews ain’t gonna let him talk to me.”

Did you catch Hugo Chávez the other day, joking with Ahmadinejad about an A-bomb? (For a news article, go here.) I thought, once more, of what our president has called Chávez:  “mi amigo,” his friend. Great, great.

Can a Republican get to be president soon?

The chairman of Mercedes-Benz, Dieter Zetsche, announced a new initiative under a huge portrait of Che Guevara. Someone had put a Mercedes symbol on Guevara’s beret. (To see this repulsive spectacle, go here.)

Has Mercedes ever buddied with totalitarian killers before? I can’t remember . . .

There is a congressman from Wisconsin named Jim Sensenbrenner, and I used to know him for one thing: The guy won the lottery — the D.C. lottery — back in the ’90s, I swear. Huge amount of money.

Now I know him for another thing: Sensenbrenner, a Republican, was talking about Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign. And he said, “And look at her big butt.”

That was a horse’s-ass thing to say, and, rightly, he apologized. There’s a lot wrong with Michelle Obama — she’s a Bolshie, basically. Would have us all in camps. But I also think our First Lady is a total, ripped, smokin’ babe.

You can’t take that away from her. And, as far as I know, she’s older than thirty. Should be lookin’ like Grandma Moses anytime . . .

I saw a headline: “ABC News president: We’re going for relevance.” The article said, “ABC News’ new advertising slogan is ‘see the whole picture,’ and division President Ben Sherwood said Monday that reflects an effort to broaden his journalists’ definition of what they do.”

Oh, dear — how about report the news? Not good enough anymore? Too boring? No market for it?

I doubt it.

As you can read here, Harry Belafonte has been lambasting Obama, another expression of disappointment from the Left. It makes me feel slightly better about Obama — whom I’ll take over that nasty, Castro-loving, handsome old Red any day.