Red-Carpet Hits and Misses
A review of the Golden Globes’ best and worst dresses


Bradley Scott

One of my favorite dresses of the evening was worn by Sofia Vergara. I want you to take a close look at the workmanship of this dress, which is perhaps the most intricate of the evening. A body-hugging, peacock-blue mermaid dress was hand-crafted by Vera Wang, the famous wedding-dress designer. It is no surprise she applied her flawless talent and execution to this number. I love the color, the fit, and the magnificent treatment of the fabric from the thigh down. She wore it perfectly, and with all that design, Sofia chose (rightfully so) to wear it without much in the way of jewelery, instead selecting a pair of diamond bracelets, a ring, and earings, leaving a bare neck. This was definitely a solid, nailed look and I really appreciate all the attention her seamstresses paid to the art of glamour and perfection.


After a selection of breathtaking blue marvels, my emotions turn the same hue as I am sad to report one of my favorite actresses lands on my “missed” list. Julianna Margulies, who has never failed to amaze me with her attire, left me asking myself why she chose to play it so safe on Sunday with her plum-colored Naim Kahn. It’s a pretty dress for what it is, but it is so incredibly simple, it doesn’t stand out in comparison with other red-carpet numbers. Shaped with just a pair of princess darts, there really is nothing to it. Further, the horizontal weave of the fabric widens the actress and accents her stomach, a big no-no in the fashion world. The fabric itself is textural and artfully woven, and after seeing his gowns in Bergdorf Goodman, I know they are among the best out there. But it just does not work here.



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