Red-Carpet Hits and Misses
A review of the Golden Globes’ best and worst dresses


Bradley Scott

Many wonder how different designers who have their creations on the runway during the same fashion week can have remarkably similar details. It’s as if there is some room where everyone in the fashion industry sits and goes over the trends prior to putting out their lines. Of course we all know this isn’t true. So then how does one explain the similarities? It really is an aurora borealis of unexplained mystery. A great example of this from the Golden Globes was the odd similarity of a bold-red duchess satin adorning the dresses of Angelina Jolie and Natalie Portman. Have a look for yourself, and wonder how these coincidences occur. Angelina is wearing a Versace Atelier bleach-white dress with a dramatic scarlet brush-stroke detail placed near her clavical. I can’t help but remark on the startlingly skinny appearance of the actress. I thought the days of stick-thin were over! From the runways of Paris to New York, designers have been presenting their creations on more healthy-looking models in recent years, and this seems to be an extreme rollback to the improvements. Natalie, with a much healthier appearance, following the birth of her baby, is wearing a fuscia pink Lanvin dress with the same red brush-stroke detail at the top. Personally, my favorite designer as always been Versace, but here, I must say Natalie wins the head-to-head comparison.



Classic beauty and the grace of a swan are the only way to describe the lovely Charlize Theron. Her petal-pink, satin, chiffon Christian Dior dress is finished with a crystal buckle at the waist, holding well-draped, layered gatherings. There’s something about this dress that speaks to the old-world, Hollywood glamour while keeping a fresh modern look. I love how she accented her Greek-goddess hairstyle with a diamond headband, matching her handbag and the crystal buckle. She is so effortlessly beautiful that she did not need an overwhelming color to make her stand out on the red carpet — or in this fashion review. Notice how she does not even wear a necklace (something typically found on V-cut dressed women) nor does she feel the need to wear bracelets or rings. I have to agree with her choice here, even if I might have designed the plunging neckline with a bit more modest approach.


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