Obama’s Union Point Man
NLRB appointee Richard Griffin is a reward for union bosses.

Inset: NLRB appointee Richard Griffin


Phil Kerpen

In 1998 testimony to a House committee, Griffin argued for more expansive NLRB powers to order fines and other remedies, to enforce its decisions without a court order, and to allow unions to organize at single locations. Most significantly, in that testimony Griffin was asked whether unions and employers both engage in illegal conduct. He said: “The vast majority of illegal conduct is committed by employers, and therefore the vast majority of charges are addressed to employer conduct.” The chronic criminal behavior in his own IUOE, of course, strongly suggests otherwise.

Griffin will accelerate the NLRB’s illegitimate bureaucratic rewriting of our labor laws to tilt the playing field to union bosses. The losers will be not just the employers who are hamstrung by expensive new bureaucratic dictates, but also the workers forced into unions and into paying union dues against their will. Not to mention the workers who won’t find jobs at all in places where expensive NLRB dictates lead to plant closures or prevent plants from opening in the first place — or the consumers who suffer from all of this.

As Senate Republicans consider the tools available to them to challenge Obama’s illegitimate non-recess appointments, they should keep the focus squarely on the most dangerous beneficiary of those appointments: Richard Griffin.

— Phil Kerpen is vice president for policy at Americans for Prosperity and author of Democracy Denied: How Obama Is Ignoring You and Bypassing Congress to Radically Transform America — and How to Stop Him.