The President’s War on Religious Freedom
The administration decides that state-run health care trumps our first liberty.


Rand Paul

All Americans’ religious freedoms are protected by the First Amendment. The earliest colonists who came to this country in the pre–Revolutionary War days traveled here because they were seeking a home in which they could practice their religion in freedom and peace without government persecution. Religious freedom — which has been called “our first liberty” — is ingrained in the very fabric of our national culture.

But HHS and the administration have decided that their goal of state-run health care trumps our first liberty. What the president is attempting to do here is something generally witnessed only in totalitarian and authoritarian regimes.

I stand firmly with the Catholic bishops in their efforts to assert the religious liberty and freedom of conscience that our forefathers guaranteed us. To that end, I will co-sponsor legislation with my Senate colleagues to overturn the administration’s edict. I do so to stand with all of my constituents, Catholic and otherwise, against the beliefs and actions of an administration unconcerned with our constitutional rights. I will also personally work toward crafting even broader legislative relief to ensure that religious liberty in this country is protected.

— Rand Paul represents Kentucky in the U.S. Senate.