Che does Ireland, &c.


Have you heard the latest about Che Guevara? They’re erecting a monument to him in Galway, Ireland. Oh, yes: A T-shirt isn’t enough. They have to have a monument to this totalitarian, murderous, gulag-creating monster.

Many years ago, I wrote an article called “Che Chic: It’s très disgusting.” But a monument is a tad beyond chic, isn’t it? Think how few monuments there are to the victims of Guevara and his like. So few — the monuments, that is, not the victims.

To read an article by Carlos Harrison on this matter, go here. To read Humberto Fontova, go here.

There has long been a debate about Communism, and about Cuba in particular, and about Guevara in particular: Those who celebrate Che — are they ignorant? Or do they know what they do?

In the dark of night, I fear that they know exactly what they do. That they know exactly who Guevara was. And like it.

Later this month, Pope Benedict will visit Cuba. Some people have started a Facebook petition urging the pope to meet with human-rights advocates while there. They wanted me to spread the word. For that petition, go here.

I have a feeling the pope will not leave Cuba’s human-rights advocates hanging.

For many years, I have written about the bravery of Iraqi politicians, who risk their necks every day. Unfortunately, they also risk the necks of their wives, children, relatives, friends, bodyguards — all with whom they are associated.

Several days ago, there was a maddening report headlined “Iraqi bodyguard, family killed in house raid.” Here are three short paragraphs:

Authorities say gunmen broke into a house north of the Iraqi capital and killed the sleeping family inside before blowing up the property.

Police said Sunday’s early morning strike appeared to target a bodyguard of the mayor of Tarmiyah, 30 miles (50 kilometers) north of Baghdad.

The pre-dawn attack happened a few miles away, in the Sunni Muslim-dominated village of Mishahda. Police said the bodyguard and his wife, sister and two young daughters were killed.

I hope they can keep going, the Iraqis. That they do not break down.

Obviously, there are liberals in America who support Israel. Many who don’t, but many who do. When they see Israel’s defense system, Iron Dome, knocking down missiles from Gaza: I wonder what they think. I wonder whether they think, “Why should Israel have such a system and the U.S. not?”

Since 1983, when Reagan announced SDI, they have fought against a missile-defense system with all their strength.

In the current National Review — hope you got yours! — I have a piece called “Cousinhood, Lately.” It’s about Anglo-American relations in the time of Obama. The course of those relations has not run exactly smooth.

I thought I’d say one more thing, now that Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife, Samantha — “Sam Cam” — are in the U.S. on their state visit.

In my piece, I review various happenings since January 2009 — more specifically, various “-gates.” There was Bust-gate, in which Obama returned the bust of Churchill to Her Majesty’s Government. There was DVD-gate, in which Obama gave Gordon Brown a terribly cheap and unsuitable gift. (The discs didn’t even play on British DVD players.) There was iPod-gate, in which Obama gave Queen Elizabeth a device helpfully loaded with his own speeches. There was Kitchen-gate, in which Obama denied Brown a bilateral meeting in New York, granting a “walk and talk” through a U.N. kitchen instead. There was Toast-gate, in which Obama had some serious coordination problems with an orchestra, as he was toasting the queen.

That may have been the single most awkward thing I’ve ever witnessed on the world stage. (Not that I was there. Saw it on video.)

In addition to frivolous little -gates, there have been some serious matters: Did we Americans give British nuclear secrets to the Russians, for the sake of getting a deal with them? From documents dumped by WikiLeaks, it seemed so. And why are we neutral as between Britain and Argentina on the matter of the Falklands? Why do we insist that Britain negotiate? What’s there to negotiate about? And why does our State Department refer to those islands as the “Malvinas”? Are we in grad school?


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