Recall Snyder?
A partisan stunt in the Wolverine State.

Michigan governor Rick Snyder


Katrina Trinko

“There’s a sliver of the Democratic party that believes its only route to power is through repealing elected officials. They’ve tried before in Michigan and failed. They’re trying again this time, even more isolated from reality,” says Frendeway.

“The Democratic party hasn’t embraced them,” he adds. “Their allies in Big Labor haven’t embraced them. And they’ll fail again, because to do so would require them to campaign against Michigan’s successes. Our unemployment is the lowest it’s been in almost four years.”

MacNeilly muses that even Michigan Rising, which constitutes the second effort to recall Snyder — the first, last year, didn’t collect enough signatures — may not seriously believe that enough Michiganders are mad at Snyder that their effort will succeed. “What this and the other attempt to recall him really are, in my opinion, is a list-development project. It allows for Democrat operatives to go to a variety of events and get the names of very hardcore Democrats and append their voter file,” he speculates.

Furthermore, Snyder — who calls himself “one tough nerd” — has tried to avoid unnecessarily rankling Democrats. “If you juxtaposed him and Chris Christie, they’re on the opposite end of style and approach,” says MacNeilly. “He’s low-key and very moderate and civil in his tone, which keeps the bases on both sides from getting too riled up.”

Furthermore, Snyder’s popularity has been increasing in recent months; according to Marketing Research Group, based in Michigan, his approval ratings shot up to 50 percent in March, a 12 point increase from his September approval rating.

Snyder’s office brushes off the recall effort.

“We’re going to keep working in a collaborative, positive manner to move Michigan forward,” e-mails deputy press secretary Ken Silfven. “The people of Michigan put their trust in this governor because they knew he’d do what’s best for this state. Their confidence is paying off. He’s made the tough but necessary decisions and has implemented true fiscal discipline. Numerous indicators show that that Michigan is indeed on the rebound, and our success story is being noticed nationwide. So we’ll stay focused on doing what’s right for Michigan and its families.”

— Katrina Trinko is an NRO reporter.