Romney Says ‘No Time for Elaborate Vacations’
The presidential candidate speaks to NRO’s Jim Geraghty.


Jim Geraghty

NRO: Shifting to politics, your head-to-head polling numbers look quite competitive or even pretty good against the president, but you’ve got some high unfavorable ratings in a lot of polls, at least by historical standards. Why do you think this is the case? And how do you go about changing those numbers?

Romney: Well, we’re very early in the general-election cycle. The general election is over six months from now. There’s plenty of time for the people of the country to get to know me better and to understand my vision for the country. My job is to describe what I would do to get America working again, and, hopefully, by doing so, I will earn the support of the American people.

But I don’t sit around worrying about polls, particularly at this early stage.

: I saw your comment yesterday that the race is about jobs, not dogs, so I won’t ask about the endless dog debates. But in light of the president’s strange dietary selections in Indonesia, what is the strangest food you’ve ever eaten?

Romney: Ahhh . . . You know, I don’t recall eating anything particularly bizarre . . . 

: I was going to guess when you were France, maybe escargot or something.

Romney: Yeah, but escargot and snails and oysters and mussels and so forth are unusual but not exceptional features in American restaurants. I don’t know if those qualify as particularly unusual. Certainly not something you eat every day, but I can’t think of anything particularly surprising that I’ve had the occasion to eat.

:You see people talking about the dog-on-the-roof story, or the cookie comment. Do you ever shake your head at the campaign environment you’re in, or marvel at what becomes a big deal on the campaign trail?

Romney: I know that in the final analysis, people will make their decisions based on who they think can strengthen the economy and provide good jobs with rising incomes. But the fact that there are many items of interest that appear along the way certainly can’t be a surprise.

Jim Geraghty writes the Campaign Spot on NRO.