Emmy Awards Red-Carpet Review
An insider look at the fashion winners and . . . the not so great.


Bradley Scott

Moving on to another not-so-hot appearance, Julianne Moore, normally a shining star, seemed faded and boring last night — aside from the Sarah Palin crack (which really didn’t hit its mark). This acidic-yellow, long-sleeve, almost Morticia Addams–style dress was truly unflattering. A jeweled belt might have given some waist definition, but instead we have only a long, not-so-lean splash of color that really doesn’t give any contour or shape to Moore’s physique.

With that said, I do happen to like a redhead wearing a lemon-yellow color; the contrast is daring but fun. From a textile standpoint, ball gowns incorporating a fancy silk taffeta and a viscose knit-jersey are neither elegant nor appealing. There are plenty of ways to make the entire dress in one fabric, and in this case, the colors of the two fabrics don’t match exactly, revealing fashion’s biggest “no-no” when wearing a column of one color.


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