Emmy Awards Red-Carpet Review
An insider look at the fashion winners and . . . the not so great.


Bradley Scott

Julianna Margulies, normally a no-brainer winner in my book, chose a Giambattista Valli dress for the Emmys this year. Being a big fan of textiles, I want to start by saying I think the fabric itself is exquisite. This is no doubt a material running in the several-hundred-dollars-per-meter price point, and it’s likely made on a very slow loom that requires a lot of work done by hand. It is from Valli’s couture line, a separate division from his main-line collection. Prices for these nothing-but-handmade dresses are astronomical. Couture dresses rarely if ever see a sewing machine. The attention to detail is supposed to create a dress that is like a second skin for the wearer, with the most perfectly executed fit.


While I love the fabric, it doesn’t lend a nice appeal in this silhouette. Forgive me, because I genuinely appreciate Valli’s work, but it looks as though Margulies is wearing her own draperies. The center-front seam is too apparent — it should not be dead smack vertical on her body. The waist is poorly fitted, as you can see the bubbling at the side, and if I am not mistaken, there are pockets on this dress, which ultimately “sport” the style up. On top of all that, here I do believe she should have worn a necklace. On a side note, in a world where tan lines are an eyesore, perhaps a more covered dress would’ve been wiser — from the looks of this photo. I wasn’t sure which category I’d put this in, but I am leaning toward the “not so great” list.