Emmy Awards Red-Carpet Review
An insider look at the fashion winners and . . . the not so great.


Bradley Scott

It’s definitely time to move on to some shining examples of true elegance and craftsmanship. I’d like to start with a dress by the fashion house that inspired me to become a designer in the first place. Versace, headed by the incredibly talented Donatella Versace, created this incredible silver-metal, embroidered, corseted gown for Lucy Liu. Take a close look at all the workmanship involved, and ask yourself, “How much work was it to assemble — by hand, no less?” Dresses like these can take north of a week to put together, especially with all the tricky fabrics used.

The base fabric is inspired by medieval armor; it is like chain metal in design. Leave it to the House of Versace to take a very masculine textile and transform it into an ultra-glamorous, ultra-feminine, and ultra-sexy dress! I absolutely love it! Normally, I’d say put a necklace with a bustier dress, but there is absolutely no need in this instance, and Liu knocked this look out of the park! A real winner here.


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