Who is Obama? &c.

Barack Obama in March 2000, when he was an Illinois state senator


The Democrats are interesting, in how they use patriotism. In 2008, Joe Biden claimed that those who resisted higher taxes were unpatriotic. A couple of weeks ago, Obama and Biden announced a “New Economic Patriotism.” If the Republicans labeled their preferred policies “patriotism,” the media would go stark-raving nuts.

I said that in a previous column, didn’t I? (A little repetition never killed anyone — I hope.)

Speaking of things I’ve said before: The radical Left gets in bed with radical Islam, and no one thinks it’s weird — I mean, the Left certainly doesn’t. The radical Muslims, probably.

Having lost the mayoral election in London, Ken Livingstone is going back to his erstwhile employer, Press TV. This is an English-language arm of the Iranian dictatorship. Livingstone is an old Communist, known throughout his career as “Red Ken.” He was taught to hate all things conservative, religious, right-wing, fundamentalist. That was his commitment.

And now he’s working for the mullahs? How can this be? You know how: The radical Left goes wherever the anti-Western action is, always. The form matters little.

Remember what the Iranian regime is — yes, they’re driving for nuclear weapons, pledging to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. But they’re also a regime that stones girls to death for the “crime” of having been gang-raped. Remember who Ken is working for.

Let me turn to cheerier subjects — let me tell you what is on my reading list. There’s an e-book, by two hotshots at The Daily Caller: Jamie Weinstein and Will Rahn. Jamie, I know. Will, I think I met years ago. In any event, their book is a political satire. And its title — get ready — is The Lizard King: The Shocking Inside Account of Obama’s True Intergalactic Ambitions by an Anonymous White House Staffer.

Sounds fun. I could use a little fun, as you might be able to tell by the sour tone of this column, so far.

There is also a book by Richard H. Sander and Stuart Taylor Jr. — Mismatch: How Affirmative Action Hurts Students It’s Intended to Help, and Why Universities Won’t Admit It. Sander is a law professor at UCLA. Him, I don’t know. Stuart, I do. And if he joins forces with Sander, Sander must be very good.

Stuart is a journalist, a lawyer, an intellectual — a public servant, in a way, but non-office-holding. His judgment is sound as a dollar. I realize we need a different expression, given the state of the dollar.

I can illustrate my esteem for Stuart this way: If he says something I’ve never believed, I reconsider. If he says something I would doubt from other people, I believe it. If he said my name were Mary Lou Smith, I’d think, “Really? But I could have sworn it was Jay Nordlinger . . .”

Years ago, Stuart wrote an article about Mumia Abu-Jamal, the Philadelphia cop-killer and hero of the Left. That article was called “Guilty and Framed.” Because Stuart wrote it, I assumed it was true.

Do you know about Mona Charen’s podcast for Ricochet? I am her sidekick, and delighted to be. One of the more pleasurable jobs I’ve ever had. Get the latest episode — no, that can’t be the term: podcast, I guess — here. A variety of topics are discussed. I don’t think you’ll dislike.

Was in my home region, the Midwest, over the weekend. The sign outside the motel door said, “No Guns Allowed.” I thought, “You ain’t in Manhattan anymore, baby.” (Not that they allow guns in Manhattan. It’s just that you’re not supposed to have them, in the Days Inn or not.)

In a restaurant, the bus boy was not a boy but a middle-aged man. I said to him, “Sorry, I’ve made kind of a mess here.” (Happens.) He grinned and quipped, “That’s all right, job security for me.” Absolutely charming remark.

What else do I got? Lots, but I’d better get going, and you too. Happy Nobel Prizes Week! (If you think of it that way.)

To order Jay Nordlinger’s new book, Peace, They Say: A History of the Nobel Peace Prize, the Most Famous and Controversial Prize in the World, go here. To order his collection Here, There & Everywhere, go here.