The GOP’s Hispanic Opportunity
We are losing the messaging battle to the Left.


In the long term, education on American history, economic freedom, and the principles behind conservatism must be a part of the playbook if we want to make lasting inroads. The Libre Initiative, a new organization dedicated to educating Hispanics on the benefits of free-markets and limited constitutional government, has begun the work. Likewise, Hillsdale’s highly successful (and free) online Constitution courses are an excellent model of how we can do it in a cost-effective manner. Soon, over a million people will have taken Hillsdale’s courses.

At the same time, in our zeal to promote the economic advantages of our principles, we must not shy away from the social issues. When we highlight our position on abortion and traditional marriage, we spotlight the secular and radical social agenda of the Left, an agenda that is foreign and antithetical to Hispanics’ values. 


This is not easy work. Educating children and their parents on the universal messages of free enterprise and self-determination takes money. So does grooming political talent within the community and training and hiring Latino surrogates to bring the message to Spanish- and English-speaking media. Building community coalitions with pro-life groups and pro-business groups takes time. It also takes time to earn the trust of Hispanics and to see the fruits of our work in the dreams of their children. But make no mistake — we can do this.

Ronald Reagan said it best when he reminded us that our values and our freedom are not passed on through the bloodstream. They must be fought for, protected, and handed on to the next generation. 

I am a Mexican-American wife and mother of six. You can take my word for it, or more advice from well-paid Beltway insiders. On Tuesday, November 6 we saw what that got us.

— Rachel Campos-Duffy is a mother of six, author, pundit, and wife of Congressman Sean Duffy. She has a column in the November issue of the American Spectator about her own family’s journey from union Democrats to Reagan conservatives.