Mideast, Getting Colder
A tale of two damaging American presidents.


: But didn’t we all say “Never again”?

BLUM: Yes we did, and we meant it. The trouble is that not everyone considers the current situation in the world comparable to the pre–World War II period. When the phrase “never again” was coined, it was not accompanied by an instruction manual for detecting when danger is nigh.


: What is Obama’s “dim view of American greatness,” and is there any indication or hope that he’ll change?

BLUM: Obama has made it clear from the get-go that he believes America is not superior to any other country. Meanwhile, he has made it his mission to help Muslims “feel good about” themselves and their achievements, according to his NASA administrator. I see no indication that this will change. But if it does, I will be the first to eat my hat — as I was when Mitt Romney lost the election.

: The “point of no return has passed where Iranian weapons are concerned”? Where does that leave a realistic U.S.?

BLUM: If the United States does not bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities, Israel will have to do it. A free world is something that has to be fought for when it is under attack. It’s pure and simple. If, as some military experts claim, this is not a viable option, then the West will lose, and I don’t even want to contemplate what will happen to Israel.

: What’s your most optimistic thought about the near future for the Mideast?

BLUM: That God will intervene and open our eyes to the difference between good and evil, and cause us to stop confusing the two.

: What’s your greatest worry about the near future?

BLUM: That there will be a nuclear holocaust. But I’d prefer to look on the bright side . . . 

— Kathryn Jean Lopez is editor-at-large of National Review Online.


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