Pick your poison, &c.

Psy, the Korean rapper


Many Republicans don’t want Susan Rice to become secretary of state. Her performance after the Benghazi attack was disgraceful, they say. Sure it was. But really: Who cares who’s secretary of state? Barack Obama is the president. The commander-in-chief. The decider. He’s the people’s choice. And whoever is secretary of state, will be his instrument. Moreover, whoever is secretary of state will agree with him — will share his worldview.

So . . .

I have a memory from the 2008 presidential campaign. A TV journalist named Gwen Ifill was scheduled to moderate the vice-presidential debate. And, interestingly enough, she had a book due out on January 20, Inauguration Day: The Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama. Obviously, she had a rooting interest — even a commercial interest — in Obama’s election. So why should she moderate a debate? That’s what a lot of Republicans said.

But others of us said, “Who cares, really? How would Ifill be any different from her colleagues, whether they have an Obama book pending or not? Pick your poison.”

That is my attitude about the secretary of state: Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Noam Chomsky (I exaggerate a little bit) — who cares who gets the nod? It will be an Obama foreign policy, regardless. It will be a foreign policy of the present-day Democratic party regardless.

Harry Truman doesn’t live here, y’all.

Barack Obama is the people’s choice. They made that perfectly clear on November 6. Why he shouldn’t get his choice in the State Department, I’m not sure.

Is that too churlish for you? (Yeah, for me too, probably.)

Thank heaven the modern Democrats exist. How else would America get a black female secretary of state named Rice?

I was interested to read this article on a Korean rapper — not on a Korean wrapper, but about a Korean rapper. This is a rapper who spews hate and lies against the United States. Typical stuff, the kind of thing you’ve heard your whole life. (At least I have.) According to the article, this guy “is slated to perform for President Obama for a Christmas in Washington special.” Sure.

I thought back to a rapper named Common. He sings, or raps, something called “A Song for Assata.” Who’s Assata? She started life as Joyce Chesimard, then changed her name to Assata Shakur. She’s one of those Radical Chic murderers — killed a New Jersey trooper named Werner Foerster. After a prison breakout, she fled to Cuba, where she’s under the protection of the Castros. American radicals — her fellow American radicals — make pilgrimages to her, to sit at her feet. They sing her praises throughout the world.

In Common’s song of praise, he sings, “All this sh** so we could be free, so dig it, y’all.” Yeah, dig it.

Last year, he was invited to perform at the White House. Law-enforcement agencies and other stuffed shirts objected, but who cares about the stuffed shirts? Who cares about Werner Foerster? Common did his thing, and Obama hugged him at the end.

The governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee, refuses to call the state Christmas tree a Christmas tree. He insists on calling it a “holiday tree.” This is the new American practice. Actually, it’s getting pretty old.

I thought back to Arnold Schwarzenegger, once governor of California. The governor before him, Gray Davis, changed the name of the state Christmas tree to a holiday tree. There was a measure in the California senate to change the name back to “Christmas tree.” It failed. Schwarzenegger called the Christmas tree a Christmas tree anyway. He took some heat for this, but shrugged.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has many problems, but at least he knows a Christmas tree when he sees one.

That Europe’s character is changing, radically, is undeniable. The people who run the City of Brussels have yanked the traditional Christmas tree in the main square and replaced it with “a politically correct structure of abstract minimalist art.” I have quoted an article by Soeren Kern, here. The tree was replaced in order to appease the city’s Muslims, apparently.

Here is a paragraph from Kern’s article:

Historically, a 20 meter [65 foot] fir tree taken from the forests of the Ardennes has adorned the city’s main square, the Grand-Place. This year, however, it has been replaced with a 25 meter [82 foot] new-age-like structure of lighted boxes . . . Moreover, the traditional Christmas Market in downtown Brussels is no longer being referred to as a “Christmas Market.” Instead, it has been renamed as “Winter Pleasures 2012.”

All of this matters — it may seem superficial, but it matters greatly. This will be much clearer in the coming years.

I love something Mary Landrieu said — she’s a Democratic senator from Louisiana. The Associated Press ran an article on the Keystone pipeline, and the politics surrounding it. Landrieu was quoted as saying, “It’s just a no-brainer. Canada is going to export this oil. It’s either going to come to the U.S. or it’s going to go to Russia or China. Even Democrats that aren’t really excited about oil and gas development generally can figure that out.”

Ha! I kind of doubt it. The issue is not necessarily “What is sensible energy policy?” The issue may be “What conforms to the green religion?”