In Capitol Fashion
Our best-dressed (and not-so-best-dressed) political women


Bradley Scott

We now move from politicians to pundits, beginning with someone I consider to be a very talented analyst and a really sleek dresser. As a columnist for the New York Post and the Daily Beast, as well as a Fox News contributor, Kirsten Powers reflects the modern woman, balancing her many tasks and dressing the part meticulously. Kirsten is one of those who dispel the myth that a boring, humdrum dress code is appropriate for a person writing about and discussing the current political climate. From her colorful dresses to her clean and modern silhouettes, she embraces her own style and looks perfectly comfortable in it. Confidence is something one must have when going up against an opposing opinion, and a total package is needed in today’s modern digital world. Calling to mind all the TV appearances of hers that I’ve seen, I can’t remember an occasion where she didn’t come across as chic and in control of her appearance. Note how she wears dresses with light cap sleeves to accentuate her shoulders, effectively beginning the hourglass shape. On one occasion, she threw in a daring purple camisole under a bleach-white suit to minimize the “lawyer look.” And finally, note how she wears a chocolate dress but ensures that it has just the right amount of femininity to it, with the neckline pleats.

I am going to analyze one powerful D.C. woman who, in my humble opinion, hesitates to experiment with clothing styles — and that’s not uncommon, nor is it a bad thing. I am talking about Kathryn Ruemmler, White House counsel to President Obama. Many women don’t see fashion as an expression of who they are, and the latest jacket design and how it is paired with other components of their wardrobe seem unimportant to them. I understand this completely but feel that a person with such an important position, who may be in the presence of the commander-in-chief, should take a few more risks with what she wears. After all, business suits these days can be ultra fem, ultra glam, and extremely beautiful. I would love the opportunity to advise her about what she sees in a wardrobe, what she needs from a wardrobe, and what she feels would help put her best foot forward.


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