In Capitol Fashion
Our best-dressed (and not-so-best-dressed) political women


Bradley Scott

From secretary to senator, we direct our attention to the junior senator from New Hampshire, Kelly Ayotte. Her background reflects her more serious style: Her role as a no-nonsense attorney general is filtered into her wardrobe picks, from the business suits to the one-color look. All in all, I think it works for her, but as with Dee Dee Benkie, I wouldn’t mind some well-thought-out risk taking. There’s no reason a senator can’t have some flash to go along with her policymaking. Clearly she does have a style that she embraces, and she wears it well. Have a look at the red ruffle jacket, which is both serious and feminine at the same time. The magenta tweed jacket is an absolute attention-getter and is fantastic for the cameras and television. The royal-blue dress could have been a bit more “pow,” but I understand that she is not a celebrity, but a talented senator with a bright future ahead. 

Monica Crowley spends her time writing books, making powerful points on Fox News, and reigning supreme in the fashion department — I’d also like to be a fly on her Thanksgiving table to listen in on her conversation with brother-in-law and liberal talk-show host Alan Colmes. She’s another fine example of someone who’s fabulous at mixing politics and fashion in a sporty-chic way, yet she always keeps the end product sophisticated. I love the clean looks, especially the color choices and silhouettes. I’ve selected three images portraying three completely different types, each defining perfection, from a flirtatious navy silk blouse to an “occasion” panel printed dress, right into a professional “speech” look with tailored trousers and a jacket. As you can see, this conservative warrior always looks smooth and sophisticated.


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