In Capitol Fashion
Our best-dressed (and not-so-best-dressed) political women


Bradley Scott

Up next is perhaps the fiercest warrior on the right, Michelle Malkin. Born in Philadelphia, Michelle first stirred the pot when she wrote a center-right article about affirmative action, paving her way to become an electric firebrand for the conservative movement. It’s this same tone that I love about her wardrobe choices, which exude sportiness and excitement. Her mix of confidence and experimentation is a winning combination. Check out how she is playful in her styles, the colors she selects, the draping vs. sharp tailoring. She never adheres to one set of rules in her style or her commentary, ensuring a riveting presentation, whether it’s in person or on Fox News.

Now on to a woman who has it all: experience in the Justice Department, as an adviser and press secretary to President George W. Bush, and currently as a co-host of The Five on Fox News. A self-described “cheerful conservative,” Dana Perino’s background and current position require her to really know how to adapt her wardrobe to the demands of her day-to-day schedule; and it’s something she has mastered. Whether it’s a speech given to a group of young women just entering the work force, or a keynote address at a Republican political function, Dana has pre-planned her wardrobe selection to a T — accessorizing it flawlessly — and she always ends up being the best-dressed woman in the room. Her style is eclectic, exciting, chic, sharp, and sophisticated, all in the same package, at the same time — something that only a woman with confidence can pull off.


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