Won’t Be Bullied
Ben won’t fold.

President Obama with students at the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention, March 10, 2011


It happened with George Zimmerman and the American Legislative Exchange Council. It happened, most obviously, with Rush Limbaugh and Sandra Fluke. Obama identifies a target; the media and Obama’s leftist allies seize on an unrelated incident and blow it up larger-than-life; they launch action against the target based on that unrelated incident.

The most recent example is the National Rifle Association. Sandy Hook Elementary has nothing to do with the NRA. Legislation already on the books in Connecticut would have prevented the Sandy Hook massacre, if there had been anyone there to enforce it. Connecticut is one of the most heavily gun-controlled states in the nation. Besides, the NRA is an interest group that receives zero government funding. Nobody has been calling for boycotts or action against the ACLU for advocating the rights of violent-video-game owners, even though people on both sides of the aisle think that violent video games may have played a role. Nonetheless, the NRA is the target. The media suggest that the NRA must change its positions — an absurd suggestion, given that interest groups are not government agencies. Democrats have control of the Senate and the presidency. If they want to press for law, they ought to be doing it. Instead, they target the NRA for destruction, because they’re bullies. And they label anyone who disagrees with them a moral monster who doesn’t give a damn about the dead kids at Sandy Hook.


LOPEZ: “Domestically, the Left has been able to bully Americans into accepting abortion-on-demand as somehow mandated by emanations, penumbras, and Casper the Friendly Ghost in the Constitution.”

SHAPIRO: Who in their right mind would believe that the American people would allow unelected judges to determine that unborn children may be murdered in the womb based on sheer sophistry? It’s pure madness. But Americans are willing to accept that madness because they’ve been told that to oppose it means that they hate women. The real victims in abortion are not women — the real victims are the unborn children who die every day. But the Left has shifted the debate, quite successfully, to suggest that you are a bully if you defend those unborn children.

Even assuming the Left’s case that unborn children aren’t children at all but rather balls of cells until they enter the magical birth canal, you would think that Americans might want to vote on it. But they don’t, because the Left has also bullied Americans into accepting the tyrannical rule of judges as the rule of law. Because, after all, if you don’t think the Supreme Court should read its moral opinions into the Constitution, what about Brown v. Board? (They never ask about Plessy v. Ferguson, Buck v. Bell, or Dred Scott, of course.)