Won’t Be Bullied
Ben won’t fold.

President Obama with students at the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention, March 10, 2011


LOPEZ: How does Hollywood bully and how do we counter that?

SHAPIRO: Hollywood bullies in two ways: it prevents conservatives from working, and it uses its entertainment power to demonize its political opposition. The power of narrative is the power to bias characters, turning them good or evil as the situation warrants. Hollywood uses its open bullying — blacklisting — in order to pursue that second sort of bullying with alacrity. It’s no wonder that virtually every corporate leader on television is evil (unless he works for a pioneering liberal law firm). It’s no wonder that every religious person is an ignoramus (unless he gives up his religious principles in order to embrace liberal social values).


To counter that, we need to infiltrate Hollywood. That means we need people who aren’t openly conservative to come to Tinseltown and insert their messaging in programming. We also need conservatives to recognize that culture is upstream of politics, and that we need to invest money in culture if we want to win back Americans to conservatism. The logic is simple: If we spend hundreds of hours each year learning that the rich are greedy and nasty, and then there’s a fiscal-cliff debate in which the president labels Republicans tools of the greedy and nasty rich, Americans are predisposed to buy the bullying. The way to fight back is to change that narrative.

LOPEZ: Why are you still worried about the Left’s hatred of Sarah Palin?

SHAPIRO: The Left’s hatred of Sarah Palin is shocking because it’s completely bare of argument. Leftists hate her simply because she is. And what she is is a Republican woman. Because the Left recognizes that it loses men by large margins in elections, it must maintain its stranglehold on women. It does so by painting conservatives as men who don’t care about women (hence the absurdly insulting “war on women”). So when there’s an attractive conservative woman in the forefront of American politics, the Left goes berserk.

The Left hates Sarah Palin because they are attempting to finish conservatives by turning conservative women into female Uncle Toms. They want to make it unthinkable for women to be conservative. So they turn them into villains worthy of bullying.

LOPEZ: Tell me about the bullying of moms?

SHAPIRO: To be a stay-at-home mom nowadays means that you are a sell-out, according to the Left. The Left dislikes stay-at-home moms because they are disproportionately conservative. They also give the lie to the liberal notion that in order for a woman to be happy, she must have a career outside the home. And so liberals target such mothers, portraying them as lazy do-nothing types who live off their Sugar Daddies — even though stay-at-homemoms are disproportionately poor and minority. Think of Hilary Rosen’s take on Ann Romney (a woman who had “never worked a day in her life”) or Hillary Clinton’s take on her own marriage (she “could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas, but what I decided to do was fulfill my profession”). Betty Friedan started all this nonsense by stating that staying at home and being a mother was equivalent to the Holocaust.