Won’t Be Bullied
Ben won’t fold.

President Obama with students at the White House Conference on Bullying Prevention, March 10, 2011


LOPEZ: And boys?

SHAPIRO: Boys have to be bullied into submission by the Left because they are evidence of sexual difference, which gives the lie to most of the Left’s social agenda (if boys and girls are inherently different, same-sex marriage is automatically not equivalent to traditional marriage, and differences in employment statistics may be due at least in part to non-discriminatory factors). The Left doesn’t want boys to be boys, because that would imply that girls will generally be girls. So boys and girls should both be androgynous. That requires compulsion, since by nature, boys and girls are different, both biologically and psychologically.


LOPEZ: How is Barack Obama a secularist bully if he invokes God?

SHAPIRO: Plenty of secularist bullies invoke God. They do so to bolster their secularist agenda. They pretend to be religious without actually believing in any of the hallmarks of religion: personal responsibility, unchanging morality, the dual nature of mankind. They talk about God, then blast the Bible as a long string of errors. They attend church infrequently, then blast religious people who don’t want to violate religious precepts (e.g. no providing contraception) in favor of leftist goals (e.g. universal provision of contraception). They say “God” so that they aren’t immediately dismissed; then they work to dismantle the notion of a Biblical God as any basis for social morality.

President Obama repeatedly says that America is “not a Christian nation.” What he means by that is that Christians should sit down and shut up about their moral values, since their religion helps define their morals. That perspective is mirrored by folks across the Left, who label any religious Americans who vote based on religious morality “an American Taliban.”