Golden Globes Red-Carpet Review
A look at the fashion hits and misses at this year's ceremony.


Bradley Scott

Lucy Liu selected Carolina Herrera as her atelier for the evening, and I am hearing from both sides of the fashion-opinion aisle on whether this was a nice piece or not. The nays remark that the fabric looks like an old window curtain that would be stripped out immediately by an interior designer as part of a home renovation. Those on the more positive side say that it’s an elegant number that nicely marries a ball gown with a placement print. I am somewhere in between but erring on the side of positive here. First off, this is a whole lotta dress. Lucy has a very skinny, small frame, and she borders on the classic Cinderella style here, but I don’t think she jumps off the “fashion cliff” in it. Yes, it’s very voluminous, but I would not call this a misstep. I personally like the print, which is obviously a floral, but rather than being an “all-over print” it’s a strategically placed panel print. The tight, well-fit bodice is kept more solid in color, and the powder-blue/grey tone of the dress is just saturated enough to balance her pale skin-tone. I think it works well. Some would say a dress with this much presence should be one solid color, or else it becomes overwhelming, but I really would not give this dress anything less than a B+, and the actress works it well.

Lucy Liu Golden Globes Red Carpet


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