Golden Globes Red-Carpet Review
A look at the fashion hits and misses at this year's ceremony.


Bradley Scott

Zooey Deschanel looked stunning in her red Oscar de la Renta dress, with the pearl necklace adding a very simple touch. Her hair pulled back into a simple ponytail made her face more noticeable than some of the other starlets who wore their hair down and looking unfinished. I wish I saw more tailoring though. Perhaps a last-minute fitting should have been scheduled. Look at where the bust and waist shaping is executed: Don’t you feel you would take it in a bit to further accentuate the volume that begins in the hips and heads to the floor? It kind of puckers a bit where the volume flairs begin. I would also have raised the bust area slightly to make it a bit more sophisticated. A dress of this color and shape is plenty; there is no need to take it to the next level of edginess by allowing that much cleavage to show. Perhaps I am too conservative of a designer.

Zooey Deschanel Golden Globes Red Carpet


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