Golden Globes Red-Carpet Review
A look at the fashion hits and misses at this year's ceremony.


Bradley Scott

Adele an extremely talented singer, chose a British designer, Burberry, in a nod to her homeland. I too am a fan of Burberry, but I wish she had chosen a different style. I understand she just had a baby, but the front of the dress just looks way too casual. I’ve seen people wear these “babydoll” style dresses to the grocery store, minus the jeweled neckline of course. It looks like a jersey material too, which is not an elegant fabric. While the overall look had a boring almost Morticia Addams appearance, it recovered with the help of her bold personality, and was pumped up with sparkling Cartier jewels and sizzling red, talon-shaped nails.

Adele Golden Globes Red Carpet


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