Golden Globes Red-Carpet Review
A look at the fashion hits and misses at this year's ceremony.


Bradley Scott

Anne Hathaway, a superbly talented actress, and a face of fashion ever since her monster hit The Devil Wears Prada, continued to shine here in her Chanel Haute Couture, which was brilliantly cut, and a perfect length. The quote by Coco Chanel still rings true today: “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”As we have seen from the annual awards shows, Hathaway exudes a style unmatched by most, with her long, lean figure on which couture designers love to show off their masterful creations.  I will gently remind my readers that Hathaway’s choice of Chanel Haute Couture is a pricey one. “Average” Chanel Couture dresses start at $25,000, with wedding and evening gowns hitting the quarter-million mark. I’d normally not mention price in my reviews — a clear fashion faux pas — but I felt the need to note the extravagance of this selection by someone who proudly labels herself a socialist and spent many a day down at Occupy Wall Street to advertise her solidarity with the “99 percent.”  

Anne Hathaway Golden Globes Red Carpet


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