Golden Globes Red-Carpet Review
A look at the fashion hits and misses at this year's ceremony.


Bradley Scott

Celebrities and moguls from all over the entertainment industry rose to the occasion in Beverly Hills to kick off the awards season at the Golden Globe awards on Sunday. 

On the red carpet, we saw a major red trend, with plenty of Oscar de la Renta, Versace, and Dior, but not all were dressed in color, as rich dark black was the second go-to shade for the evening. Some fashion choices were absolutely on the mark, while others left much to be desired.


Let’s begin with my review from a designer’s point of view.

Jessica Chastain wore Calvin Klein Collection (the brand’s highest-end line). For a gal with rich red hair, the color choice was a hit. The sea foam contrasted perfectly with Jessica’s skin and hair color, but that is where the fabulous appeared to end. The cut itself left a lot to be desired, with the baggy halter look coming across as untailored and ill-fitted. On top of that, there were moments I truly believed the screen would have to be censored to prevent any FCC violations, if you know what I mean.

Jessica Chastain Golden Globes Red Carpet