‘Them’ vs. Ted, &c.

Senator Ted Cruz


Well, I see Ted Cruz has ’em stirred up — just as I suspected. They’re unused to dealing with a senator like him. I think they’re a little worried too. Worried that Ted is brighter and abler than they — and unintimidatable. Are they trying to take him down, at this early stage? Looks that way, a bit.

I’ve said “they.” Does that need elaboration? I doubt it. You know: they. This New York Times piece was almost funny in its demonization of Ted. “Canadian-born lawyer” was a special low blow.

They’re accusing him of McCarthyism, which means, I think, that he aggressively and effectively questioned an Obama nominee. I don’t mean to engage in “the old tu quoque,” as Bill Buckley called it, but do you remember Harry Reid in the last campaign?

To Nevada reporters, he said, “I don’t think the burden should be on me. The burden should be on him. He’s the one I’ve alleged has not paid any taxes.”

The “he” was Mitt Romney, of course — a man as good and decent as Reid is snaky. Listen to Reid again: “He’s the one I’ve alleged has not paid any taxes”! Do you love it?

And here he is on the Senate floor: “So the word’s out that he hasn’t paid any taxes for ten years.” The “word” was “out” because Reid put it out. “Let him prove that he has paid taxes, because he hasn’t.”

There is a word for Reid’s behavior: McCarthyite. He provides almost a classic definition. Reid is the majority leader of the U.S. Senate. And he is A-OK by — what’s the word for it? — the American liberal establishment. Or, more conveniently, “them.”

Every once in a while, I’m reminded of how I came to my views in the first place — of how I wound up a Reagan Republican. Obama has proposed a hike in the minimum wage. Does that take you back at all?

All children and adolescents favor hikes in the minimum wage, I think. I’m sure I did. Why should the very young know anything about economics? Earning nine dollars is better than earning eight, right? Ten is better than nine. Do I hear 15? 20? A hundred?

You can always out-compassion the other guy. He says, “Nine,” and you say, “No, $9.50!” — and you’ve exposed him as a Scrooge.

But then you grow up, I would think, and realize that a higher minimum wage makes it harder for an employer to employ another person, harder for the unemployed to get work. This is especially true of young job-seekers. It can be so hard to get that first one. Once you have your feet on the first rung, you can climb on up.

I learned about the minimum wage by the time I was — oh, 21, something like that. I learned, in part, by reading Thomas Sowell. Barack Obama is a 50-something president. The hour is getting late. And the office he holds is so important!

It would be nice if someone asked him, “Mr. President, you’ve proposed a minimum wage of nine dollars. Why not ten? Why not 20?”

Mona Charen and I discussed this on our podcast last week. I said most of the above, and also this: Just about everything Obama has done appears calculated to make life more difficult for the employer — and therefore for the unemployed. The “stimulus.” Obamacare. New regulations. A hike in the minimum wage. Obama has his foot on the throat of the employer.

In a time of widespread unemployment, shouldn’t life be as easy as possible for the employer? For the job-creator, the entrepreneur? For those who breathe life into an economy? Shouldn’t barriers be as few as possible?

The American people did a very, very important thing on November 6, when they chose Obama and Biden over Romney and Ryan. If they don’t like the course of events in this country over the next four years, they can look in the mirror.

Benjamin Netanyahu said something interesting. See what you think — I’m still thinking about what I think.

Discussing a spy scandal, and the need for the government to say as little as possible, he said, “We are not like all other countries. We are more threatened, more challenged . . . Allow the security forces to work quietly so we can continue to live securely and safely.”

To read the news article from which I’ve culled this quote, go here. I guess I think Bibi’s right, as he usually is.


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