A Satisfactory, Sumptuous Oscar Night
The stars gave us the fashion show we wanted this year.


Bradley Scott

Moving on to one of my favorite eveningwear designers, let’s have a look at the Oscar de la Renta number worn by Amy Adams. I have lots of good things to say about this gown, and one minor quibble with it. First the good: Oscar de La Renta never fails to impress me with his workmanship, and this continues here with the unbelievable skirt on this dress. I couldn’t begin to tell you how long it took for that skirt to go from fabric to finished product. It is most certainly entirely cut and sewn by hand. I would have to guess that it took twelve hours just to cut the layers. (Some insider information from my own studio: It takes about an hour to cut out an entire shift dress.) I love how the bodice leads into the dramatic skirt in such a seamless fashion (pardon the pun). Amy’s bracelet is just right for this look, but I’d have liked to see a necklace. Generally, when the dress is low-cut, I prefer a finished look to include something around the neck. It completes the attire, especially with a large skirt, and would make for a more “balanced” look and bring some attention northward. 

My only negative comment is that I feel this dress would have made more of an impact if it were in black, or at least a much darker gray. Perhaps pewter or even a sapphire blue would have made for a more saturated image.While I wouldn’t tell Oscar de la Renta how to make a dress, I tend to think chiffon does not work as well in a mid-tone gray because it tends to look neither here nor there. 


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