A Satisfactory, Sumptuous Oscar Night
The stars gave us the fashion show we wanted this year.


Bradley Scott

In every award-ceremony commentary, I have to include some less-than-stellar reviews. This is really difficult for me because I don’t like to scrutinize or act as if I am a supreme expert with the privilege of passing judgment, so I will keep my analysis as technical as possible. Sally Field, an actress whom I have adored for as long as I can remember and whose talent dwarfs that of most of the new girls on the big screen today, did not impress me as much with her dress selection. I just don’t think this dress is attractive, and it really has nothing to do with Sally Field. I feel like it was a rushed piece, added into the collection just to make “another dress.” The bodice looks slightly sloppy and uneven, while the gathering in the skirt leading toward the ruffle is coming undone because pure silk never holds pleats as well as a synthetic fiber would. The ruffles from the pleats to the floor also make little sense and have a very “school project” look. I hate to criticize this, but even the sleeve doesn’t fit properly, and we can see the chiffon stretching over the muscle. The nude lining color may have been chosen for some purpose, but I can’t imagine what, as a red lining would have made the dress more visually saturated, and we can see something going on under the skirt in the back, which doesn’t look neat. The neckline is so plain, and there isn’t even a necklace to frame her neck. Sally is such a beautiful woman, with a terrific figure, and is beyond graceful. She could have worn anything and looked like a classic beauty, so I don’t know why she went with a body-hiding ruffle dress that seems to have come from another era and does absolutely no grace for her.


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