A Satisfactory, Sumptuous Oscar Night
The stars gave us the fashion show we wanted this year.


Bradley Scott

Media darling Anne Hathaway has always made it to my best-dressed list, because she truly knows how to stand out from the crowd and look like a million bucks. What can I say about this dress? Well, Prada, as most of my fashion readers will know, is the queen of minimalism, and this dress is no different. 

But I like to see more va-voom on the red carpet. In a sense, this dress is shapeless, and very bland. It also doesn’t fit well in the bust; Hathaway is not bust heavy, and she does not fill out the room allotted by the darts sewn in on the sides. Any female reader will know what I am talking about, as every woman will put a dress back on the hanger if the shape around the chest is not perfect. To further accentuate the ill fit, the dress is crafted out of what appears to be a thick duchess satin, which lends a pointy shape at the tip of the bust-apex point. I know no woman who wants her chest to appear like this in public, and I imagine it should be no different for a Hollywood actress. It’s so incredibly easy for Anne Hathaway to look perfect; it’s truly the first time I haven’t seen her looking her best. In any event, she’s still at the height of stardom, and we will see lots more of her. I’m confident this is just a minor fashion bump in the road. She’s truly talented and I can’t wait till the next awards show to see her next selection.


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