A Satisfactory, Sumptuous Oscar Night
The stars gave us the fashion show we wanted this year.


Bradley Scott

Gianni Versace inspired me to enter this profession when I was 16 years old, and I’ve been a fan of his company ever since. I love its craftsmanship, and how it makes every dress look so sexy. When someone as stunning as Halle Berry wears the label, a marriage of everything beautiful is created. Have a look at this exquisite, perfectly fitting dress. I see confidence, structure, power, and a very strong point of view. It is so important for you, my readers, to understand how difficult it is to create embroidery around curves as you see in this dress. This piece fits her like a glove; there is no pulling, snagging, or misshaping in the way it forms a second skin around her. I love how the black and silver around the dress marry with the silver-over-sheer-chiffon look on the sleeves. All in all, Donatella Versace lives up to what her late brother created. Here again, I see no need for a necklace because the embroidery itself acts as jewelry. The ring is a perfect accompaniment, as are the simple earrings. As I’ve said in previous commentaries, when a dress is ornate, go simple with the styled add-ons, because sometimes more is just more, not better. 


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