A Satisfactory, Sumptuous Oscar Night
The stars gave us the fashion show we wanted this year.


Bradley Scott

This really must be the year of silver, because here is another beautiful Armani dress in silver, chosen by Naomi Watts. I love that Armani, usually classic, switched it up a bit last night to create a futuristic shape around the neck and bodice. What really is incredible is how it lays perfectly, which is difficult to do with a heavy fabric around curved shapes. That’s why Armani is who he is, and the celebrities know it very well. I love how the cap sleeve looks dainty while the left side gives the sex appeal. When a dress fits perfectly like this, it’s already a winner, and everything else is extra icing on the cake. This dress really performs its task well, and Naomi looks like a princess because of it. Her watch and ring are all she needs to accessorize this already-over-the-top dress. 

As I close this commentary, I want to say it was such a pleasure to watch the Academy Awards this year. As I mentioned before, the last few awards shows seemed to have too many dresses that were just not grandiose enough to be worn at such an event. The celebrities surely know the average viewer is interested in the fashion at least as much as, if not more than, the awards given for talent in film. We don’t attend parties like this, so to us it’s a sneak peek into a world none of us will likely ever penetrate. We want to see a ravishing array of glamour and a Cinderella fairytale. Anything short of this is a disappointment, which is why I was thrilled to see we got everything we wanted and more this year. 


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