David Clemens

Professor David Clemens teaches composition, literature, and critical thinking at Monterey Peninsula College. In 2000, his victorious struggle against a college loyalty oath to multiculturalism was covered by The San Francisco Chronicle, the Chronicle of Higher Education, and the Wall Street Journal among many others. He has directed two colloquiums, one on “Great Books and Democracy” and the other on “Imaginative Freedom and Political Freedom.”

In the last 10 years, Professor Clemens has presented over 20 papers including “Thinking with Melville at the Core” at the 2014 Association for Core Texts and Courses conference and “Real Real Gone:  Saving the Humanities by Leaving the System” at the 2014 Young Rhetoricians’ Conference. He convened the “Great Books II” panel at the 2009 Association of Literary Scholars and Critics National Conference.

The past decade has also seen Professor Clemens publish over 30 articles on higher education issues in professional journals such as Academic Questions, inside english, Teaching English in the Two Year Colleges, the Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, and the Chronicle of Higher Education.  His 2015 article “With Friends Like These, the Humanities Need No Enemies” ran on the John William Pope Center for Education Policy homepage and was republished by the Foundation for Economic Education receiving over 1800 forwards. Professor Clemens has also published in popular periodicals such as the San Jose Mercury and The San Francisco Chronicle, been a blogger for the National Association of Scholars, and been a contributing editor of Media and Methods magazine.

Professor Clemens is the founder and coordinator of the MPC Great Books Certificate Program which was named one of 50 national “Oases of Excellence” by the American Council for Trustees and Alumni and one of 60 National Association of Scholars “Recommended Programs.” Recently, he received an Intercollegiate Studies Institute grant to develop an online course on “Great Books and Civil Liberties.” He appears in the 2008 film Indoctrinate U, his views on identity politics in education appear in Bruce Bawer’s book The Victims’ Revolution, and he recently launched a Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC, on Udemy.com titled “Introduction to Great Books.”