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Gov. Strickland’s Competence as Economic Manager Challenged by GOP’s Lt. Gov. Nominee


John Kasich appears to be pulling out his running mate’s fiscal credentials as a trump card against Governor Ted Strickland:

Gov. Ted Strickland’s “mismanagement” of state government is an obstacle to Ohio’s economic recovery, said Auditor Mary Taylor, the Republican lieutenant-governor candidate.

“Some of the decisions made in Columbus, you couldn’t have made in your business and still be in business,” Taylor told The Vindicator on Tuesday after a discussion with 13 local business owners at the Culinary Arts Center in Boardman.

Taylor said if she and John Kasich, the GOP gubernatorial nominee, are elected in November, they would eliminate unnecessary regulations and policies that adversely impact businesses as well as cut waste in government.

“Being a governor is not what Gov. Strickland has done best,” Taylor said.

Strickland’s campaign counters with one of the more priceless defenses ever conceived against a charge of fiscal irresponsibility:

In response, Allison Kolodziej, a Strickland campaign spokeswoman, said: “As governor, Ted has accomplished what [ex-]Congressman Kasich only talks about: cutting the size of government, reducing regulation on small businesses and growing the economy across Ohio with projects like V&M Star.”

So let me get this straight. Barring small businesses that depend on state funding from outsourcing jobs, thereby saving taxpayer money, reduces regulation on small business. Barring contractors from doing the same thing decreases the size of government. And hoping to be the recipient of $400 million in federal subsidies qualifies as growing the economy. Maybe in Bizarro World.


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