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Is David Price in Trouble?


While it’s never a good idea to put too much stock in internal campaign poll results, this election season has proved that even the most improbable results deserve a second look. Which is why 10-term Rep. David Price (D., N.C.) better hope that a recent poll from opponent B.J. Lawson’s campaign is nothing more than manufactured publicity coming from a long-shot candidate:

William (B.J.) Lawson, MD, Republican challenger to Rep. David Price in North Carolina’s Fourth District, announces a turning point in his campaign as a recent poll shows that 46.5 percent of likely voters would elect him, as opposed to 46.1 percent who would vote to re-elect 22-year incumbent Rep. Price.

Lawson ran against Price in 2008, and despite being the incumbent’s most formidable opponent in more than a decade, still lost decisively, 37 percent to 63 percent. The 4th District voted for Obama over McCain by a similar margin. It’s hard to imagine that any Democrat could lose in this district, which includes bastion of collegiate liberalism Chapel Hill, but even if the DCCC is forced to lift a finger to defend Price’s seat, that would certainly be a cringe-inducing omen for Democrats everywhere.

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