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Keystone Monday Evening Update


  • President Obama was in Philadelphia today to fundraise for Joe Sestak. Sestak remains down in the polls to Pat Toomey by 9 points, according to this latest poll. While in town, Obama ordered a cheesesteak — to-go, apparently having learned from Joe Sestak’s awkward moment with Michael Bloomberg last month.
  • The Club for Growth is wading into another niche of Pennsylvania’s congressional scene, officially endorsing Keith Rothfus, challenger running against Democrat Jason Altmire in the 4th district. While Altmire is likely to win re-election, this infusion should give Rothfus a fighting chance.
  • Tom Marino, Republican challenger in the 10th district, is in awkward territory after Democrat Chris Carney has spent the past week hammering him for alleged impropriety in serving as a reference for a convicted felon for a casino license, and then later going to work for that same man for some $250,000 per year.
  • Pat Toomey, perhaps channeling Maro Rubio, spoke with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and emphasized his belief in American exceptionalism.


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