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Chet Edwards Feeling The Heat


In an unusual move, incumbent Rep. Chet Edwards (D., TX-17) has challenged his Republican opponent Bill Flores to a series of 12 debates between now and election day. Edwards’ campaign accused Flores of “shying away from the media,” a curious charge given that Edwards did not hold a single town hall meeting during the August recess, something for which Flores has repeatedly criticized him:

“Edwards is asking you to vote for him in November, but for the past year, he has refused to let you meet with him,” Flores said in a statement. “This is a dereliction of duty and shows his contempt for the people he claims to represent.”

He said Edwards was avoiding meeting with voters because he didn’t want to answer for “his steadfast support for the job-killing agenda of [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi and [President Barack] Obama.”

Edwards’ campaign has become increasingly frantic as he struggles to distance himself from the Democratic leadership (by running ads like this one) and convince voters in his conservative district that he is looking out for their interests. It doesn’t appear to be working though, as CQ Politics just designated the Texas 17th as “Lean Republican.”

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