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Half of CA Voters Want Pelosi Out as Speaker


A full 50 percent of likely voters in California want Nancy Pelosi replaced as Speaker of the House, compared to just 36 percent who want her to stay on, according to a new PPP poll. Granted, that’s if — an increasingly big if — the Democrats retain control of the House after November. With poll results like these, it’s safe to say that, one way or another, most Americans would prefer to hear “former Speaker Pelosi” beginning 2011.

The polling points up a significant shift, with a plurality of Californians saying they’re unhappy with what Pelosi’s high-profile leadership position has gotten the state. All told, 48 percent of likely voters in the state have an “unfavorable” opinion of Pelosi. Not surprisingly, Democrats still solidly back her, with 62 percent of them saying they approve of the job she’s doing. But 17 percent of her party disapproves — and a surprising 21 percent say they are “not sure” about her performance.

Among independents, Pelosi’s unfavorable rating is at 62 percent, and more than half think she should be replaced as speaker. Pelosi has even narrowly lost the support of women in the state: Forty-five percent say there should be a new speaker, while 44 percent  rate her unfavorably.

Maybe ads like this one are having an effect.

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